Prayer efforts

There are prayer efforts around the world. Many religions make efforts to access God or the object of their worship.

Countries have been rated as the most religious countries in the world. In those countries, tonnes of prayers are offered daily to God or some gods. Everyone who prays has something to say to, or about, God or their gods.

But are those prayers really ascending to the Almighty God? Does God listen to the prayers of everyone every time?

Who should pray?

Imagine, a stranger coming to your house and asking to use your Dad’s car for an event outside your city when you need to use that same car to take delivery of family sustenance at the same time. Would your father oblige that fellow?

You must be in a relationship with God to request some things from Him. God is a heavenly Father to every true believer in Jesus Christ.

If you have not made peace with God through Jesus Christ and are living in loving harmony with Him and obeying Him routinely, the only prayer that you are guaranteed answers to any time, any day is the prayer to surrender your life to Jesus.

We all need to pray. We need God daily. Get into a personal relationship with God so you can know God for yourself and talk to Him in prayer as profusely as you desire.