If Jesus had not died…

If Jesus had not undertaken the sacrifice of redemption, humanity would have been lost and destined for destruction.

He came to the world that He created. He was subject to the limitations of the world and man. He was rejected, mocked, scourged, and nailed to the cross that was crafted from the tree that He created by the men that He created.

The sacrifice was enormous. But He did it. He has redeemed us from the clutch of the coming gloom and perdition. What a great love!

God demands that you respond positively to this love so you can key into the provision that He has made for humanity to escape eternal destruction.

To appropriate Jesus’ vicarious and sacrificial death for you, you should first of all ask God to forgive all your sins. Secondly, you should ask Jesus into your heart. Thirdly, you should deliberately determine not to go back into your sins anymore. Lastly, you should seek ways to walk with Him in righteousness and obedience to His Word.

Thank you.