Facts about spiritual gifts

Spiritual gifts are primarily for the spreading of the gospel and bringing souls to Jesus Christ, they are used for edifying the body of Christ and confirming the already written word of God which is to be preached and taught.

• Spiritual gifts strengthen faith in others
• We ought to know our gifts and desire to strengthen others
• Any virtue used by the Holy Spirit to strengthen faith is a gift
• Spiritual gifts are given in varying measures
• Each has received a spiritual gift
• We should be stewards of the currency of grace
• Some spiritual gifts are Word-oriented and others are deed-oriented gifts
• All the operations of the gifts should be to the glory of God
• Spirit-wrought faith encourages the faith of others

To manifest the gifts of the Holy Spirit, freely bestowed, a person
a. must be a member of the body of Christ
b. should be filled with the Holy Spirit
c. must make himself available to Him
d. must be desirous of being used this way
e. should not be ignorant concerning the operation of the gifts
f. should be desirous of spiritual gifts
g. should be motivated by genuine love for the Body and a pure desire to edify the Body
h. should be seeking to excel in the operation of the gifts