The Timeless Essence of Memories: How they keep loved ones alive.

Memories! Memories!! Memories!!!

Those are all we have left with after the demise of our loved ones

These memories are golden, priceless, irreplaceable and can’t be traded with anything

Wallowing in memories, we experience a mix of emotions we sob, we cry, we smile, we laugh, we stare in wonder, in confusion, sometimes depressed, elated when we relive the moments spent with our dear departed loved ones.

Those memories jolt back to life and become the very fabric of our existence. They are the realities we live with replacing the physical presence of those we have lost.

In loving memory of my father 

I love you my father Mazi Robinson Chukwudi Aniagboso Onuagha
(Nzedinobu: Nzedina Jesus), I feel the void of your absence and I miss you each and every day.  Rest on in the bosom of Him (Jesus) who loved you most.