Your banality for His purpose

Peter was a fisherman. All he knew to do was fish. There were times that he caught fish but there were times that he caught nothing and was frustrated.

One day, he met Jesus. When that encounter happened he got a new and higher purpose in life. In the pursuit of this higher purpose, he transversed geographical and cultural contexts expressing a passion for the supernatural and souls. His life got a new meaning.

Jesus brings meaning and purpose to lives that are (seemingly) aimless or banal! Peter became one of the cardinal officials of the early Church.

Are you struggling with defining your true identity or purpose in life? Coming to Jesus will ease your crisis. He gives good meaning and purpose to banality.

He gives what no one can give you. Don’t die trying to find your true self. The Creator knows you well and is ready to demonstrate His ability to transform lives in you. Come to Him today and find true rest.