Broken cisterns

People forsake God daily. When they do so, they make for themselves or align themselves with, broken cisterns – vain alternatives.

What does it mean to forsake God?

We forsake God when we do not follow the path that He has crafted for salvation but follow our perceptions or some empty or petty stories.

We forsake God when we do not trust Him enough to rely on Him for life’s choices and decisions.

We forsake God when we try to please Him without following His revealed Will in His Word.

We forsake God when we value the words of men more than the Word of God.

We forsake God when we listen to our selfish will and base fleshly desires more than we listen to Him.

Life cannot happen in a vacuum. It is not possible to forsake God and live freely. We must build or align with broken cisterns to ‘exit the vacuum’ – those are broken cisterns that can hold no water.

Broken cisterns?

Subtle religious fables – stories borne out of satanic inspirations and fleshly lusts.

Vain philosophies of humanists and atheists that are intended to draw people away from God and His true worship.

Assertions and counsels of social media enthusiasts, mentors, and influencers.

The counsel of backsliders and Church drop-outs.

Broken cisterns can hold no water. They cannot bequeath salvation. They only lead people away from God.

Return to God and His true worship. Don’t throw away your soul with broken cisterns. They are not worth it. If you allow them to influence your life negatively on earth and inherit eternal damnation at the end of your life, you will look back in eternity and regret irredeemably for allowing those clandestine concepts to ruin eternity for you.