The world needs love

Hearts are meant to absorb and love. When they fail in those duties, we become belligerent and evil.

We are creatures of love – created with the capacity to give and receive love but the fall of man (in the garden of Eden) and the mystery of iniquity are interfering with this capacity in many hearts.

Selfishness reigns in many a heart. Many people care for the things that concern them alone. Many there are who show some interest in others only when they stand to gain something from the relationship or association.

It is so easy to affirm today that aside from your family members and a few significant others, no one really cares for you! Sad. But true to some extent. I wish it wasn’t!

What can restore love to hearts again? How do we amend the ills of society that are occasioned by selfish dispositions and actions?

Only the Creator can re-activate what we have lost.

Let’s return to God with all of our hearts and ask Him to touch our hearts so the glow of His grace and presence will warm our hearts.

Returning to God begins at salvation when we ask for God’s forgiveness for our sins, including the sin of selfishness, ask Jesus into our hearts, and forsake all our sins.

The world would be a better place if we all have our hearts warmed by God’s grace and live as He pleases.