Follow the Person who understands the path to your destination

Everyone who is successful has learned from the experiences or works of others. We follow people who understand the path to our destination.

We all stand on the shoulders of others who have gone before us. Otherwise, we’ll all be reinventing the wheel all the time. Our inventions will be so crude that refining them will take a long time! This is the reality of our world.

The journey to spiritual success will only be possible and meaningful if we rely on the experiences and works of the only One Who has inhabited this world and eternity, Jesus Christ.

Our spiritual journey begins with knowing Jesus experientially and keying into the abundance of His grace that will ensure our success.

Don’t try to figure out the details of how to live in the world and have access to God’s eternal Kingdom in the hereafter all on your own. Jesus died to grant you access to God’s Kingdom and eternal blessings. All you need to do is to appropriate that death in your life and depend on His Works for your salvation and spiritual success.

Jesus understands the path to your spiritual destination. Depend on the experiences and works of Jesus Christ to run your spiritual life and to guide your journey into eternity.