Are you truly healthy and successful?

The deceptions that come with good health and success can be overwhelming. More often than not, healthy and/or successful people do not feel their need for God or think that good health and success are everything.

Good health and success are fleeting. Those who have them possess them for a while. There are times that they just vanish abruptly and there are times that they endure until the grave.

Many healthy and successful people talk arrogantly to other people. They toy with people’s livelihoods and future. They neglect the worship of God. They think that all they need in life are the principles of success and science. Horrific.

What happens to good health and success beyond the grave? Do they accompany their distinguished benefactor to the hereafter? No. You forsake the Creator because you are healthy and successful and feel no need for the Saviour. But when you die, the success and health will remain here while you go, alone, to face the God that you have neglected all your life. Frightening.

True health is the health of the body and spirit. Are you truly healthy? True success is the success that cuts across physical and eternal concerns.

The truly healthy and successful will transit through the ‘curtain’ that separates this life and the hereafter with the unfading part of his health and success – spiritual health and eternal success.